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ZADANIE 5.(5 punktów)

Przeczytaj poniższy tekst. W zdaniach umieszczonych pod tekstem wybierz właściwe - zgodne z tekstem - zakończenie. Zaznacz jedną z czterech możliwości, zakreślając literę a, b, c lub d. Za każde poprawne rozwiązanie otrzymasz 1 pkt.


Mount St Helens, the volcano in Clark County, Washington State, erupted on Monday morning. The disaster has caused at least ten deaths as well as massive destruction in that region of the state.

The mountain was hit by two earthquakes just before half past eight. Then, at eight thirty-two, the top of the mountain was blown off by an explosion that was heard two hundred miles away. Huge blocks of ice and rock fell onto the surrounding area and the mountain was left 1,300 feet shorter. Then the tremendous heat inside was released. Hot ash and gas came out of the mountain, causing a lightning storm as it rose into the air. White ash, along with steam and thick mud, continue to pour from the giant crater left by the explosion.

At each stage of this dramatic eruption people have been killed. The explosion caused the first casualties; several people were injured or died due to the force and heat of it. Then the hot ash started fires which have burned vast areas of forest, causing more deaths. Fortunately, fire-fighters have managed to put most of them out. The volcanic cloud was so large and dark that it was said to have turned day into night, forcing airports to close temporarily. One more life was lost as a pilot flew his aeroplane into the cloud and hit electricity cables. Mud from the volcano is running down the mountainside and filling rivers, causing flooding. People living nearby have been forced to leave their homes as the water continues to rise.

Rescue workers have picked up casualties and survivors by helicopter, and are moving them away from the dangerous areas. More victims are expected to be found during the next few days. One witness said that it had been like the end of the world. "I really thought we were all going to die," Jerry Irvine said. "I've never been so terrified in my life."

Scientists say that the top of the mountain had been 'growing' by five feet per day for several weeks before the explosion. They say that ash and mud could continue to pour out of St. Helens for up to fifteen years. Meanwhile, the people of Clark County are learning to cope with nature's fury.
5.1. When the volcano erupted, the top of the mountain

a) grew taller.

b) landed two hundred miles away.

c) turned into mud.

d) was broken into pieces.

5.2. The first people to die were killed by

a) the forest fires.

b) the explosion.

c) the thick mud.

d) the lightning storm.

5.3. The volcanic cloud

a) made everything very dark.

b) damaged many aeroplanes.

c) wasn't very big.

d) damaged the forest.

5.4. People had to leave their homes as

a) their houses were burnt.

b) the mountain fell on their homes.

c) they had no electricity.

d) there was flooding in the area.

5.5. Before the eruption

a) scientists had been making the mountain bigger.

b) the people of Clark County had learnt how to cope with a volcano.

c) the mountain had been getting taller.

d) ash and mud had been pouring out of St. Helens for fifteen years.

From Enterprise 3 by V.Evans, J.Dooley, Express Publishing 1998.

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