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ZADANIE 6.(11 punktów)

Przeczytaj uważnie poniższe informacje o miejscowościach nawiedzanych przez duchy, oznaczone literami A-L. Następnie odpowiedz na pytania 6.1-6.11. W kratkę obok każdego pytania wpisz odpowiednią literę. Nie możesz dwukrotnie udzielić tej samej odpowiedzi. Jedna z miejscowości nie pasuje do żadnego pytania. Za każde poprawne rozwiązanie otrzymasz 1 pkt.


Are you interested in ghosts? Do you need any advice about where to find them? Here's some information about ghosts in Britain. We're not promising you'll find any ghostly activities, but if you have time, you might like to carry out your own investigation!

A - Cupar

The Royal Hotel is haunted by a hooded monk.

B - Edinburgh

A demonic drummer has banged about the castle since the 17th century and Holyroodhouse has the majestic apparition of Mary, Queen of Scots.

C - Manchester

The Grey Man of the Great Western Hotel wears a grey sweater and is apparently most often seen in the cellars.

D - Birmingham

The beautiful Jacobean mansion of Aston Hall has a heap of ghosts due to a murderous 17th-century owner. With any luck, you'11 see a housekeeper in a green dress with a white collar, a grey lady and a servant who died in the attic.

E - Gloucester

People say the courteous spirits at the Bishop's House help visitors on with their coats.

F - Swansea

The Grand Theatre has a White Lady who leaves a scent of violets. She is thought to be the spirit of a young actress who left the theatre to board the ill-fated Titanic.

G - Cardiff

Cardiff Castle has a giant ghost that is 3 metres tall.

H - Bristol

Leigh Woods, by Clifton Gorge, is said to be haunted by Clifton Suspension Bridge builder, Isambard Brunel.

I - Torquay

Torre Abbey has the ghost of a brightly-lit coach and horses, driving a smiling Lady Cary down the avenue.

J - Brighton

Brighton's seaside is home to the spectral l0th-century galley, the Nicholas, which sank with all hands (and pilgrim passengers) returning from Constantinople.

K - Eastbourne

The Devonshire Park Theatre is haunted by a violinist in evening dress.

L - York

The Treasurer's House is haunted by Roman soldiers.


6.1.these ghosts are not British?

6.2.this ghost is religious?

6.3.this ghostly vision carries one passenger?

6.4.this ghost played a stringed instrument?

6.5.this ghost wears a pleasant perfume?

6.6.this ghost is enormous?

6.7.you are treated kindly by these ghosts?

6.8.this ghostly image is a ship?

6.9.you have to go underground to see this solitary ghost?

6.10.this ghost was a construction engineer?

6.11.this ghost was a monarch?

From Countdown to FC by M. Duckworth, K. Gude, OUP, 1999.

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