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Test z języka angielskiego (2)
Dla początkujących i średnio zaawansowanych

Test przygotowany przez ekspertów Centralnej Komisji Egzaminacyjnej
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Dla początkujących i średnio zaawansowanych

Exercise 1.

Example: Mr. Duval is from Paris.

He's French.

Miss Tanaka is from Tokyo.

Mr. Turner is from Toronto.

Mr. Manzini is from Rome.

Mr. Castano is from Madrid.

Mr. Baker is from New York.

Mr. Hodges is from London.

Miss Lopez is from Mexico.

Miss Campos is from Rio de Janeiro.

Exercise 2.

Example: That's my friend. His name is Ed Thompson.

My friend's name is Ed Thompson.

That's Mr. Newman. His office is very big.

This is Mr. Parker. Her husband is British.

That's my daughter. Her picture is over there.

This is my student. His book is over here.

That's Kathy. Her friend is at the door.

That's Mr. Thompson's son. His name is David.

That's Mrs. Duval. Her car is in the garage.

That's the secretary. Her typewriter is on the desk.

That's Mary's brother. His name is Tom.

That's my friend. His wife's handbag is on the table.

Exercise 3

Example: "Excuse me, is that my pen?"

No, thanks.

It's your pen.

No, it's my pen.

1. "I'm sorry." _____

That's all right.

Here you are.


2. "And this is your book, right?" _____

Here it is!

It's over there.

That's right.

3. "Please give me the book!" _____

Fine, thank you.

Here you are.

Yes, please.

4. "Thank you." _____

Just fine.


You're welcome.

5. "Would you like a cup of coffee?" _____

There it is!

No, thanks.

Not too bad.

Exercise 4.

Examples: (in / at / on)

Mr. Wilson is sitting at his desk.

(to / on / in)

He's in his office.

(at / from / on)

The telephone is _______ the desk.

(under / at / to)

A piece of paper is _______ the book.

(in / on / of)

Mr. Wilson's name is _______ the paper.

(to / in / on)

What's that _______ the small table?

(of / in / with)

It's a cup _______ coffee.

(to / at / on)

Is that a map or a picture _______ the wall?

(on / of / from)

It's a picture _______ Mr. Wilson's family.

(at / in / to)

The secretary is standing _______ the door.

(of / from / at)

She's _______ Edinburgh, Scotland.

(on / to / in)

San Francisco is _______ the U.S.


Exercise 1.

Example: (arrive / ring)

When Miss Gray arrived at the office, the telephone was ringing.

(get up / have)

When Mr. Morgan ________ this morning, his wife ________ breakfast.

(watch / get home)

Peter ________ television when Elizabeth ________ from work.

(check / arrive)

Mr. Schmidt ________ his bags when Mr. Manzini ________ at the airport.

(see / drink)

When I ________ you at the restaurant yesterday, you ________ a cup of coffee.

(speak / leave)

Mr. Adams ________ on the phone when Cindy ________ the office.

(walk / see)

I ________ down the street when I ________my friend Laura.

(begin / write)

When the meeting ________, Mr. Lawson ________a memo.

(talk / ask)

Mr. Benson ________about the report when someone ________ a question.

(eat / bring)

Tony and Gary ________ their salads when the waiter ________ their steaks.

(do / listen)

When David ________ his homework yesterday afternoon, his sister ________ to the radio.

Exercise 2.

Example: The bookstore will be open b 8 o'clock.

a) for b) until c) to

The movie started five minutes ________.

a) ago b) past c) since

We don't live in New York ________.

a) still b) never c) anymore

Mark goes out of town on business ________.

a) on time b) now and then c) anymore

It takes ________ to learn to use a word processor well.

a) all the time b) time for c) a long time

I was ________ eating when the phone


a) still b) then c) during

Our friends from Canada will be here ________.

a) a week ago b) a week from now c) last week

How ________ is your next doctor's appointment?

a) soon b) late c) often

Tom meets with his boss ________.

a) during a week b) a week ago c) once a week

Exercise 3.

Example: The people were talking in the hall. I heard them.

I heard them talking in the hall.

The phone is ringing. I can hear it.

The woman was asking the clerk a question. We heard her.

The people were getting off the bus. Mark watched them.

Someone is calling my name. I think I hear him.

I am learning to use the word processor. I don't want anyone to watch me.

Sam was driving his new car. Everyone saw him.

The people at the next table are ordering the lunch. I hear them.

John is having dinner at Mario's. I often see him.

The children are doing homework. Mrs. Lane is watching them.

Jane was walking down the street. Did you see her?

Exercise 4.

Example: "Do you smoke?" I asked you if you smoked .

"I don't smoke cigars." You told me you didn't smoke cigars.

"I smoke cigarettes." You said you smoked cigarettes.

1. "Do you ever work late?" I asked you _____________________.

"I don't work late on Fridays." You told me ____________________.

"I work late on Mondays." You said _______________________.

2. "Do you take the train to work?" I asked you _____________________.

"I don't take the train." You told me ____________________.

"I take the bus to work." You said _______________________.

3. "Do you sleep late?" I asked you _____________________.

"I don't sleep late during the week." You told me ____________________.

"I sleep late on Saturdays." You said _______________________.

4. "Do you know how to drive a bus?" I asked you _____________________.

"I don't know how to drive a bus." You told me ____________________.

"I know how to drive a car." You said _______________________.

5. "Do you type fast?" I asked you _____________________.

"I don't type fast." You told me ____________________.

"I type very slowly." You said _______________________.