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Test z języka angielskiego (3)
Dla początkujących i średnio zaawansowanych

Test przygotowany przez ekspertów Centralnej Komisji Egzaminacyjnej
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Exercise 1.
Exercise 2.
Exercise 3.
Exercise 4.
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Dla początkujących i średnio zaawansowanych

Exercise 1.

Examples: The bank is next to the hotel. The bookstore is next to the hotel, too.

This letter isn't for me. It isn't for you, either.

1. Sue has blue eyes. Her husband has blue eyes, ________.

2. Those aren't my cigarettes. They're not your cigarettes, ________.

3. There aren't any cassettes on the desk. There aren't any cassettes on the table, ________.

4. I'm going to a movie with my friends. Mike is going with us, ________.

5. Mr. Smith isn't speaking on the phone. He isn't writing a letter, ________.

6. That isn't a newspaper under Mr. Barrett's arm. It isn't a magazine, _________.

7. Tom's children have a dog. They have a cat, ________.

8. Laura isn't speaking to us. She isn't speaking to Mary, ________.

9. I don't have black hair. My children don't have black hair, ________.

10. There are a lot of people in the office. There are some people in the hall, ________.

Exercise 2.

Examples: Ed, please write your name on a piece of paper.

You're asking Ed to write his name on a piece of paper.

Waiter, bring us two glasses of wine, please.

You're asking the waiter to bring us two glasses of wine.

1. Driver, turn left at the corner.

2. Mr. Kane, please answer a few questions for me.

3. Larry, sit next to me.

4. Children, please listen to me!

5. Waitress, give us a menu, please.

6. Miss. Wilson, please show Mr. Bennett the cassettes.

7. Peter, wait for me in the hall, please.

8. Susan, please order a salad for me.

9. Bob, take the newspaper to school with you.

10. Mary, please ask your teacher for a book.

Exercise 3.


Examples: Mr. Bennett bought a newspaper yesterday morning.

He hasn't bought a newspaper so far this morning.

I traveled a lot last month.

I haven't traveled a lot so far this month.

1. Mrs. Franklin wrote a letter yesterday afternoon.

2. Paul read two books last month.

3. I spoke to a client on the phone last week.

4. The children did their homework yesterday evening.

5. We saw our friends last weekend.


Example: Mr. Butler bought a new shirt last week.

Has he bought any new shirts this week?

1. The Jacksons took a trip last year.

2. Mr. Kane had a doctor's appointment last month.

3. Jane got a call from Mark last week.

4. Elizabeth took a message yesterday afternoon.

5. Tom watched a movie on TV last weekend.

Exercise 4.

Example: (has gotten/got/gets)

When Martin got the phone call, I was in the other room.

1. (doesn't watch / hasn't watched / wasn't watching)

John __________ TV at all this week.

2. (has moved / moves / moved)

Maria __________ to Liverpool three years ago.

3. (Has...taken / Did...take / Was...taking)

________ Cindy ________ any trips so far this year?

4. (was making / made / has made)

Bob __________ hamburgers for all of us yesterday.

5. (has worked / worked / was working)

Mr. Quentin __________ here since 1987.

6. (Did...do / Have...done / Do...do)

________ you ________ anything interesting last weekend?

7. (knows / knew/ has known)

Kathy __________ her friend Barbara for almost ten years now.

8. (was waiting / have waited / waited)

I __________ in the hall when the meeting ended.

9. (are going / were going / go)

The Laytons __________ out to dinner in a few minutes.

10. (will be / was / is)

If I work very hard, the report __________ finished by Friday.