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Test przygotowany przez ekspertów Centralnej Komisji Egzaminacyjnej

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Exercise 1.
Exercise 2.
Exercise 3.
Exercise 4.
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Exercise 1.

Example: Does Mr. Franklin speak English or French? He speaks English, doesn't he? Yes, he does.
1. Miss Grant ________ read any magazines, but she ________ the newspaper every day. ________ she read a lot of books, too? Yes, she ________. Does she ________ Japanese books? No, she ________. She ________ English books.

2. ________ Gary smoke cigarettes? No, he ________, but he ________ cigars. His wife ________ cigarettes, ________ she? Yes, she ________ about two packs a day. Does she ________ American cigarettes? Yes, she ________.

3. Tom is a waiter in an Italian restaurant, but he ________ speak Italian. What language ________ he speak? He ________ English. ________ he speak French and Spanish? He ________ a little French, but he ________ speak Spanish.

4. Mrs. Lawrence ________ drink tea. She ________ coffee with her breakfast. What ________ she drink with lunch and dinner? She ________ water and milk with lunch and she ________ coffee with dinner. What kind of coffee does she ________? She ________ Brazilian coffee with cream and sugar.

Exercise 2.
Example: I am not going up in the elevator; I'm taking the elevator down to the ground floor.

1. I don't work at night; I work ________.
2. Go down the hall and the restroom is on the right; it's not on the ________.

3. There isn't a lot of good news on TV; the news is usually ________.

4. My family and I don't have breakfast late; we eat ________.

5. The bookstore isn't open now; it's ________.

6. Janet doesn't watch TY before work; she watches it ________ work.

7. I don't get up at 11 p.m.; at 11 p.m. I ________.

8. Mr. Thompson never goes to work by bus; he ________ takes the train.

9. There isn't a lot of coffee in the pot; there's only ________.

10. The Smiths aren't going to the movies together; Mr. Smith is going ________.

Exercise 3.

Example: The restaurant isn't quiet; it's very noisy.

1. Tom isn't going to feel very ________ when he hears the bad news; he's going to feel sad.

2. You don't have anything to feel nervous about; try to be ________.

3. Flying to Paris will be more expensive than the train; but it will take ________ time.

4. The Watsons have saved some money and now they're going to ________ it on a new car.

5. I usually remember to check my appointment calendar, but this morning I ________.

6. Larry thinks his car is comfortable, but I think it's very ________.

7. Mr. Tracy has received three memos so far today, but he has only ________ one.

8. People who are rich often give money to those who are ________.

9. The new copier isn't better than the old one. It's ________.

10. Three people applied for the job. The one with the least experience was the nicest, but he hired the one with the ________ experience.

Exercise 4.

Example: Jane usually gets x to work at 9:00. (usually)

1. Have you ________ been to Buenos Aires ________? (ever)

2. Nancy ________ has worked for Mr. Hanfield ________ . (for more than five years)

3. ________ I've ________ driven a Rolls Royce. (never)

4. Cindy hasn't finished ________ making copies of the memo ________. (yet)

5. Bill ________ doesn't live in California ________. (anymore)

6. How many memos has Vera ________ typed ________ today? (so far)

7. We were ________ working ________ when the secretary left. (still)

8. The Pierces don't ________ go ________ to the movies on the weekend (always)

9. They ________ go ________ to a play. (sometimes)

10. Charles has ________ met ________ Mr. Simpson. (already)

11. The Hills ________ have ________ dinner at a French restaurant. (often)

12. Joe has ________ been here ________. (since this morning)